Once upon a time...the whimsy of Coven & Co was brought to life with the arrival of our long-awaited (four years in the making!) Music Box collection. 

This collection is for those who are young at heart, and still believe in magic. A music box takes us back to a time of fairytales and girlhood nostalgia. A time when imagination, music, dress-ups, tea parties, daydreaming and dancing was everything. It was the place where you kept your most treasured belongings, hopes, dreams, letters and secrets. This collection embodies all of these things.

These pieces are far from wardrobe staples. They’re the garments that you dreamed of wearing when you were a little girl. They’re whimsical, fun, pretty and wondrous ~ full of sparkles, tulle, lace and lots of pink of course! They’re for the girl who doesn’t save the fancy things for a special occasion. The girl who treats everyday like it is a special occasion 🎼🩰🦢🎀

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