Thank you so much for clicking on this tab and showing interest in how and where Coven's garments are made. I’d love to share some information about our ethical practices within our business with you. 

All of Coven's one of a kind prints are custom and exclusive to Coven. Whether hand drawn, or digitally created, these unique and feminine prints tell a story and are created with lots of love and attention to detail. 

We have a manufacturing team based in Brisbane Australia, and the other half is in and around the Shanghai area in China, at our fully accredited factories.

We have a team on the ground in Shanghai, who, along with our Quality Control team members, often visit the factories to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and general happiness of the workers. Our garments go through a stringent quality control process throughout the various stages of production. From testing fibres/fabrics in the lab in the areas of strength, durability, shrinkage, stretch and seam testing, to meticulously inspecting every inch of the garment throughout the manufacturing process. Being a slow fashion brand, our intention is to create quality garments that will stand the test of time, resulting in less waste and decreased environmental impact.

The workers in our factories are compensated with award wages, along with annual leave for their positions held, in accordance with government standards. Majority of the factories we work with are family run businesses that have been in business for many generations. We have amazing relationships and rapport with our production team in China, often having video calls with them multiple times a week. The happiness, safety and wellbeing of the workers who create your Coven garments is of the utmost important to us as a brand. 

We also pride ourselves on being a member of the Eco Packaging Alliance, in which the packaging we use to wrap and dispatch our orders is recycled and compostable. Another amazing aspect of being a part of this alliance, is that each time we replenish our order, we are contributing to global reforestation, with a tree being planted in our name. 

While we have taken many steps to be a conscious, ethical, slow fashion brand, there are many more milestones we are currently working towards as our brand grows. In 2020, we started working with organic cotton farmers, and our main goal moving forward, is to use more natural and recycled fibres in production, where possible. 

I hope this has shed some light on our brand for you. We’re very proud of the steps we have taken to be a conscious, ethical brand, with our workers being a top priority. At the same time, we still have many goals we are working towards to become a more sustainable business. We thank you so much for your interest in this very important subject, and thank you for caring about how and where your garments are made.

With love and gratitude,

Sian and the Coven team xx 

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