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Please note, our collaborations are extremely organic, and we only collaborate with influencers who we have an existing relationship by way of social media, or, the old fashioned way, socially! (As in real life relationships). 

We appreciate all of the interest we receive in this area, however we do receive a very high volume of emails with collaboration requests, so we simply cannot reply to everyone. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding xx


We often get asked for tips on how to get featured on our instagram page, so we've listed some of the key things that we look for in a great image:

  • Quality - we like clear photos with minimal blur/pixelation.
  • Ladies only - while we love our fellas, we tend to mainly share images which just feature the Coven Girl herself wearing our pieces. 
  • Photos which showcase the Coven garment well are always very welcomed. We also love it when they're steamed and not too creased!
  • We love natural looking photos, which aren't over saturated or edited. 
We hope this helps! We love sharing photos of our Coven Girls with our online community. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful photos and for tagging Coven in them.

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