SS19 ~ Spring/Summer 2019

Coven's very own custom leopard print collection, Feline...

Exclusive to Coven, this print was a long time in the making. Leopard print may seem pretty straightforward, however, getting the shape and the earthy, dusty tones just perfect, was so very important, while also creating something that was timeless, to keep forever. In Coven's beautiful, soft and floaty fabric, this collection is for all the leopard lovers out there. 

The first part of this shoot was actually unexpected and spontaneous, something that is commonplace when you're a small start up business! We headed down to Fingal beach, to capture some maternity pieces on a beautiful pregnant model, and our girl Leelah came, as it turned out she was friends with the model! I happened to have a couple of Feline samples in my car, so we snapped some pictures at sunset, and they turned out to be some of my favourite pictures of all time. This photoshoot was so dreamy, with the Pacific Ocean in the background, and the creamy, cotton candy tones that covered the sky as the sun went down. The only downside of a sunset shoot by the sea... Packing up in the dark! Luckily my Husband came down to help us out and protect us as we navigated the sand dunes in the dark... 

The second part of the Feline shoot was done in a random patch of land, that looks as though we're in the middle of nowhere, in country Northern NSW, but we were actually right on the corner of the busiest intersection in Cudgen! Locals from around this area will know exactly what I'm talking about. It used to be home to a huge garden store, and is now just vacant land, lined with palm trees. I thought it would be perfect for this shoot, being the week of Splendour (and being so close to Splendour) I thought it was very appropriate!

We had a bit of an audience during the shoot, with so much traffic going past, and we even had a few visitors (friends and family spotting us as they drove home that afternoon!)

The amazing Kate Rosenberg was behind the lens (as always for Coven) which resulted in some absolutely magical photos, which I will treasure forever...



Location 1 - Fingal Beach // May 2019
Model: Leelah Tamaira
Photographer: Amanda Hibbard
Location 2 - Cudgen, NSW // July 2019
Model: Leelah Tamaira
Photographer: Kate Rosenberg
Hair + Make Up: Alana Mevissen
Location: Cudgen, NSW

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