Chapter one: Tuesday the 29th November

Chapter two: Tuesday the 7th February


You know that feeling of excitement and butterflies when you're packing for a trip away? I wanted to capture that feeling with Coven's first resort wear collection... The feeling of endless possibilities, venturing into the unknown, a whole new world, full of exotic places, food and people...

These carefully designed resort wear garments are the pieces you pack in your suitcase as you jet off to somewhere tropical. The clothes you wear after a beautiful day in the sunshine…

~ You wander back to your bungalow, following a winding path, weaving through palm trees - your skin warm and sun-kissed, lightly dusted with sand. It’s time to get ready for poolside cocktails at sunset…

After a heavenly outdoor shower under the stars, you toss your hair into a messy top knot and decide that you only need the lightest touch of makeup tonight - after all, you have that holiday glow… You slide into your new dress (the one you’ve been dreaming about wearing) the flowing fabric cascades effortlessly from your body and you feel like a goddess…

The shoe decision is so easy, anything goes when you’re on vacay ~ so a summery pair of flats it is… As you head out the door, you add the final touches ~ some beautiful gold jewels and and handbag just big enough for the essentials, and your favourite peach lip balm of course…

You glide back down the familiar winding path, the smell of coconut and jasmine lingers in the air, and as you get closer, you start to hear the faint sound of music, laughter and glasses clinking ~ Your night in paradise is about to begin ~

I hope you love our latest offering, and I hope that you find something to wear while making beautiful memories - whether you're walking barefoot on the sand collecting shells, or wandering through the streets of an exotic city for the first time...  

Sian xx


Location - Moreton Island // 15th - 17th November, 2022

Model - Kinsey Golden

Production & Styling - Sian

Assistants - Racheal Hamlin & Harmony Clark

Photographer - Kate Rosenberg

Hair + Make Up - Reanin Glah


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Our Postcards from Paradise collection is divided into 2 parts. Part one is our block colour range, and part two is our print range (coming 7th February).  

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